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Iñaki Estrada

Iñaki Estrada

Iñaki Estrada


Barcelona, Spain


Professional Inline Skater


Skating is the best therapy to forget problems and stay focused. Street spots and skate parks open my mind. Watching the video Hoax II hooked me on the sport. After two years, a second place in a contest gave me my first sponsor. I kept skating, filming, doing demos and recovering from serious injuries as well. I studied PI to train others and myself into skating. Moving to the UK and Belgium was a home run because of the fast pace of skating improvement. There is an easy connection among skaters worldwide.


I won contests in Spain , United Kingdom and Portugal. I completed other international contests. I worked with other skating companies and some made products with my signature. I also made several video parts.


Always looking at new spots for doing better tricks. Having fun while improving my skating. Get more people involved. Filming, editing, traveling.

Mein Favorit unter den K2 Skates